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Harford County, Maryland

Payroll Accountant

Timely, Efficient, and Cost-effective Payroll Support.

"Payroll may not be the most exciting thing in the world, but sure beats not getting paid at all!" - Will Pratt

Why Hire a Payroll Accountant?


Payroll is a Commodity

Payroll is like buying a loaf of bread or gas for your car. There are two really important things to know about choosing a payroll service. The first is that a good payroll service is a not-bad payroll service. The second is that most payroll services are pretty good at what they do. To do payroll well, your employees need to be paid on time, and appropriate taxes need to be taken out. It's just that easy!


All-In-One Payroll Solutions

GHARFAS offers payroll as a matter of convenience for our clients. We recognize that it is easier for you to deal with us than a third-party payroll provider. Through our payroll service, we are committed to getting your employees paid without leaving you with a mound of paperwork.


Superior Customer Service

The sad truth when it comes to payroll is that over 90% of the market share is taken up by some very large companies that don't seem to care much about customer service. Our promise to you is that you won't ever have to listen to hold music or go through three levels of escalated support to get what you need!

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