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Harford County, Maryland

Accounting and Bookkeeping

For small to large business and everything in between

"Making good judgements when one has complete data, facts, and knowledge is not leadership, it's bookkeeping."  - Dee Hock

Frequently Asked Questions: Accounting & Bookkeeping

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Is Bookkeeping Affordable for my Business?

Although some people think that bookkeeping is costly and requires a full-time employee, the truth is that the expenses depend on the number of monthly transactions. For small companies, bookkeeping costs are actually quite minimal. As your organization grows, the costs associated with bookkeeping will also increase. With recent technological advancements, much of the process can even be automated, saving on costs even further.


How Often Do I Need Bookkeeping Services?

It's entirely your call! While the minimum requirement is once a year for taxes, we suggest having financial reports at least quarterly or even monthly. This way, you can monitor your business activity, identify trends, and stay ahead of the game.


What is Included in Bookkeeping Services?

Bookkeeping is a crucial aspect of any business, as it involves recording and organizing financial transactions, reconciling bank statements, and generating financial reports. A reliable bookkeeping service can help streamline these processes and provide peace of mind for business owners. With the right bookkeeping service, businesses can focus on their core operations and leave the financial management to the experts.


What Software does GHARFAS use for Bookkeeping?

QuickBooks Online has become the top choice for small business accounting software over the years. Almost 90% of our clients use QuickBooks Online, and we also rely on it for our in-house bookkeeping services.

Need an Expert?

Meet Our President

Will Pratt is the President of Greater Harford Accounting Services. With over a decade of bookkeeping experience, he has helped countless small businesses manage their finances. Will holds a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting from Towson University and is dedicated to providing top-notch accounting services to our clients. He has experience working with everything from single-member LLCs to corporations with over $100 million in annual sales.

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Should I Outsource my Bookkeeping?

Outsourcing bookkeeping to an accounting firm can free up time and resources for businesses. Accounting firms have the expertise to handle bookkeeping tasks efficiently and provide a range of services, from basic bookkeeping to complex financial analysis.


By outsourcing, businesses can benefit from the latest technology and access to professionals dedicated to ensuring their financial health.

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